With this printable protractor PDF, you’ll avoid expending a few extra bucks to get one. It can also help you in a hurry. 

If you forgot your protractor, use this paper printable protractor that you can get on the way. You can even use this drawing rool from your phone in any PDF viewer, making things much more convenient. 

What could I use a printable PDF protractor for?

You can usually find protractors in math and geometry classes in schools. However, they have an important role in other applications such as engineering and architecture. You can use this simple yet effective instrument to measure and draw angles precisely. Simple, right? Still, this was a very important tool in land and sea navigation way back before the creation of GPS, in the 17th century.

They consist of half or a full disc made commonly of a transparent material. The circle is divided by markings that point out a degree (°). Full discs have 360° divisions, and 180° in their half-disc version. You can also find decimal and fractional spread protractors.  There are many other types of elaborate protractors, but we surely can’t get one of these to be a PDF.

So download it in image format or PDF here. You can also get this conventional free protractor online in an easy-to-use and printable PDF from Ossmann.com or History of Pencils.