16 team Double Elimination Bracket

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16 team double-elimination bracket.

As we know, double-elimination brackets are one of the most advantageous types of tournament systems, including the 16 team double-elimination bracket. This is a very convenient system for contestants. Why? Allowing them to have a second chance to fight their way to the top. That’s why is one of the fairest systems, and a preferred one by amateurs. These versions of brackets are mostly used in tournaments, as opposed to their single-elimination counterparts, which are used more in leagues. The most famous use for this type of bracket may be the National Science Bowl.

How does this type of bracket works?

 When the tournament starts, the bracket divides into two different brackets. After the first round, winners remain in bracket A, and losers pass down to bracket B. As the rounds go by, whenever someone loses, he goes to bracket B. Since all contestants have to lose two times, the ones in bracket B will always go against each other. As for the winners, they will compete against the winners remaining in bracket A. When the last contestant in bracket A reaches the top, his counterpart in bracket B is ready to redeem himself. However, there’s a trick. When a winner of bracket B competes against the winner of bracket A, the latter has a second chance. 

See an example of the NSB here:16 double-elimination bracket example

Cons of the 16 team double-elimination bracket.

The only con of this 16 team bracket is that the organization of events becomes harder. Because there will be twice more matches than in a regular elimination tournament. This can add up to the cost of renting a venue for the tournament. Also, these tournaments are usually longer in duration. Another thing is that since the final match can have two possible outcomes (bracket A winner wins and bracket B contestant wins, and another match must be held as a final.), the organization can have one more game than expected. As a result, it’s harder to organize and fund an event like this.

Download for free a 16 double-elimination bracket here in image format or PDF format.

16 team Double Elimination Bracket