Addition simple worksheets

Check out here our printable basic addition worksheets from 1 to 20 in PDF. We’ve created this useful addition worksheet to help out kids master adding, which is part of their early education. Addition is an introduction to more advanced mathematic procedures, like equations, and also to simple activities, like going shopping. It is vital knowledge that your children will need in their lives. Are you ready to help them master it?

Printable basic addition worksheets 1-20 (PDF)

Addition is one of the most commonly used mathematical procedures that we use every day. Whether we’re calculating how much money we have, how much we need to cover our expenses or even when trying to know how much time is left until lunch, math is present. That’s why dominating this simple mathematic procedure is vital for everyone who wants to be part of our modern society. Also, helping kids master this knowledge at home will increase their success at school, which will improve the overall opinion they have about their education. They will easily go through every challenge because they will be confident of what they know, especially if you do it the right way. Ultimately, this will lead to a much successful life for your children, which is something every parent wants for their kids. 

basic printable addition worksheets kindergarten

Are you ready to procure them a brighter future?

How to help kids with our worksheets?

We’ve created several worksheets for you to use with your kid. We have simple, intermediate, and advance ones; it’s up to you to assess in which category your kid falls into. All you have to do is:

addition intermediate

  • Download the preferred worksheet in PDF, XLSX, or JPG.
  • Print or visualize them in mobile devices. They are designed to be used in manners easily. 
  • If your kid is learning addition, explain the basic concept first. This is easily done with our printable addition tables
  • After that, help him solve the first problem.
  • If he struggles in the simplest version, explain again or let him peek at the addition tables for a while before starting again. 
  • When he finishes the simplest one, advance until he reaches the advanced one.

This process can take a few days before he masters it. Still, if you do this at home, he’ll grasp this knowledge faster than if he only practiced at school. Make sure to take rests between practices.

Download the best printable basic addition worksheets 1-20 (PDF)

Below you’ll find the simple, intermediate, and advanced versions of the worksheets. You’ll be able to download them in three different formats each; in PDF, JPG, and customizable XLSX (Microsoft Excel). 

math worksheets basic printable addition worksheets

Kindergarten worksheet: PDFJPGXLSX

Simple worksheet: PDFJPG – XLSX 

Intermediate worksheet: PDFJPGXLSX

Advanced worksheet: PDFJPGXLSX