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Are you looking for a free printable basic lease agreement in PDF? Do you want to become a landlord? We’ve created a standardized option with all the basic clauses you and your future tenants must agree to. Are you still relying on shady “vocal contracts”? Keep on reading to improve the way you lease your property.

Free, printable basic rental lease agreement (PDF)

A basic lease agreement in PDF is a tool that everyone with good intentions (and a brain) must use to protect himself and his property from tenants. It’s the best way of outlining the rights, benefits, warnings, fees, and more details required by the law before leasing a property, regardless of the type of property. This can save you from legal issues, give you contractual advantage (without being unfair) if they should occur, and keep tenants satisfied with the terms.

Still, finding one that covers all your needs for free and online is not an easy process.

While researching for this article, we found some websites that sure got you a rental lease agreement, of course, in exchange for your email. Websites like that are annoyingly spammy, which is something we all like to avoid.

That’s why we’ve created the best basic lease agreement in PDF for you to get, this one actually for free, no questions asked.

How to use this basic contract?

Using this lease contract couldn’t be easier. It’s a three-page document outlining basic information that both you and your tenant need to proceed with the transaction. You’ll have to sign it together with your selected agent (if there is one, of course) and the tenant present after checking everything is in order with the property.

basic lease agreement PDF

Simply print it, fill the blank spaces, which you can do easily with a computer or by hand, and sign it. After that, everything should be right on track with your tenant’s comprehension of the “rules” set by the contract.

We highly recommend that you check your state’s regulations on the matter, and add simple changes to the document using the Word version we’ve created for you. If possible, it’s a good idea to notarize the document, just to add an extra layer of protection for yourself and the tenant.

Download the best basic rental lease agreement in PDF here

Below you’ll find two versions of this document. An easy to edit Word doc, which is the best option if you want to add extra clauses to the document, and a PDF document you can start using immediately after printing. Are you ready to be a successful landlord?

  • PDF lease agreement.
  • Word doc lease agreement.