Disney’s animated film Encanto follows a family unlike any other. The Madrigals live in an enchanted area known as “Encanto” which is deep inside the mountains of Colombia. The magic of Encanto city gives every Madrigal child extraordinary powers – every child except Mirabel.

The movie is 99 minutes long and is packed with colorful, lovable characters that each play an important role in this musical journey centered around Mirabel’s search for her unique gift The cast includes Abuela Alma, Bruno, Félix, Luisa, Julieta, Pepa, Old Arturo, Isabela, Agustín, Señora Guzmán, Camilo, Mariano, Osvaldo and of course, Mirabel. Browse the coloring pages of Mirabel, Bruno, Pepa and others below:

Even with such a powerful cast of characters, there’s always standouts in the movie. For Encanto, it’s no doubt that Bruno and Isabela steal the scenes they’re in. Our aim is to capture each one of these characters with their own free, printable coloring pages.


We’ve provided several coloring pages you can print out for free. We’re certain your kids will love to color these unique drawings and really take their time detailing out all the beautiful colorful Colombian clothing from the film.

With a strong showing at the box office, critically-approved 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, and solid 7.5 score on Metacritic, Encanto is looking to be another hit for Walt Disney Animation Studios that also created recent films such as Frozen and Moana adding to their string of traditional blockbusters Aladdin, Lion King, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid. Check out all the films that been produced by Disney’s animation arm here.

Our coloring pages are unofficial drawings provided by amateur artists.