Focusing on writing one cursive letter is a good way to practice this handwriting skill. In this post, we focus specifically on the letter ‘S’. If you want to focus on the letters around S in the alphabet, check out our posts on ‘Q‘ and ‘R’.

Need other creative ways of writing the letter ‘S’? Check out this post on writing it in bubble, block, graffiti, and fancy styles.

How to write a cursive ‘S’

Our first worksheet teaches you how to write a cursive ‘S’. Follow the arrows to form the letter. At the bottom of this worksheet, there are some traceable letters to practice on.

How to write a cursive S

Free cursive “S” practice sheet (upper and lowercase)

This next worksheet gives you an opportunity to practice both the uppercase and lowercase letter. We have lots of space for you to practice. Simply trace over the letters to get them into your hand’s muscle memory.

Upper and lowercase S

Capital “S” worksheet (uppercase) for kids

This worksheet focuses on the uppercase version of the letter ‘S’. We give you an example of how to write the letter, and then plenty of lines to practice on. You can write them bigger or smaller, depending on how comfortable you are forming the letter.

Uppercase cursive S

Lowercase cursive “S” worksheet

This worksheet does the same as the one above, focusing on one aspect of the letter ‘S’. This one focuses on the lowercase version.

Lowercase cursive s

Print and download cursive S worksheets

If you want to download the previous worksheets as PDFs to save to your computer, it’s simple! Click the following links to easily save and print.

How to write a cursive ‘S’

Free cursive “S” practice sheet (upper and lowercase)

Capital “S” worksheet (uppercase) for kids

Lowercase cursive “S” worksheet¬†

Do you need more tips and tricks on how to learn and teach cursive? Check out this post with steps to teaching cursive. This site also has lots of information on why you should know cursive and good ways to teach it. They especially suggest starting with letters that are similar to print writing so that it’s easier to transition into cursive.