christmas mistletoe

Have you kissed someone under a Christmas mistletoe? Then you know how special it is. Find here two beautiful Christmas mistletoe patterns to download for free.

Free mistletoe drawings and patterns to print and cut out

A Christmas mistletoe is a weird Christmas tradition that’s simply part of our culture. No one really knows when or how it got started, but it passed down from culture to culture until reaching the modern age. Now, we know this plant is not that special, but that we made it special as a Christmas decoration.

If you want a kiss or two, or simply use this as a decoration at home, you can do it now in the cheapest possible way. We’ve created two designs that will help you create awesome drawings, coloring exercises for kids, and stencils for graffiti and paint.

Realistic mistletoe drawing

This one is a simple but cute mistletoe drawing you can print out for free. It’s perfect to create cutouts (you’ll have to be really careful) and patterns to paint on top of them as stencils. It’s not that cute as a decoration by itself. If you want to use them as decoration, check out our printable mistletoe paper decorations.

christmas mistletoe drawing realistic

Simple Christmas mistletoe pattern

This one is simple than the one above. It’s better to create drawing templates and coloring exercises for kids to teach them the origin of this beautiful tradition. If you’re into DIY, you can also add paint, glitter, and create beautiful ornaments to add to any Christmas tree or on top of any door.

christmas mistletoe simple

Download the cutest Christmas mistletoe drawings and patterns here

These patterns will surely let you use your full creativity to create even better designs. Download them using the links below. Feel free to share this resource with family and friends for them to spread this Christmas tradition.