Multiplication tables from 1 to 12

Practicing multiplication never was easier; especially since we created the best multiplication tables from 1 to 12. Take it up a notch from this classic version with the multiplication tables from 1 to 15.

In this post, we’ll give you several options for your child (or student) to learn their multiplication tables up to twelve. These are all free, in different designs, can be printed out in PDF format, and be used as an easily accessible cheat sheet, hung up near their desk, or on the refirgerator so they can easily reference it. Here’s a brighter colorful version with pink stars.

Free printable multiplication tables from 1 to 12 (PDF)

Math is one of the most difficult classes at schools all over the world, still, they don’t have to be if you have our multiplication tables from 1 to 12 in PDF. When kids are getting started with math, they think it sucks, mostly because they don’t really understand how it works. Still, as they pass that phase of their lives, they get to know that multiplication is just one of the first steps.

Because of that, we have created the best multiplication tables from 1 to 12 for easy learning. This is the knowledge that will dictate if kids hate or love math, and since we made it easier, there’s no way they will hate these charts.

Immediately below is another version where each set is color coded so they can be easily differentiated (and of course would need to be printed out in color for the full benefit).

With those amazing 1-12 multiplication tables, they’ll be able to practice until it becomes a natural part of their minds. Soon, they’ll be thinking of multiplication all the time, which will immediately increase their grades, and build a brighter future for them.

Easy to learn multiplication chart 1 to 12.

When starting a kid into multiplication, most teachers rump right into memorization, which is a skill that not everyone has. If you want to be a part of your kid’s education at home, you can easily give him a sip or two with these 3 easy steps:

– Get them to know that is based in addition: Multiplication is simply a resumed manner of addition that was created to streamline those simple procedures into quick operations.

– Don’t skip 0 and 1: Some teachers skip those simple numbers and start with the number 2 instead. Still, they are the best opportunities to teach them the simplicity behind math.

– Make them use math in everyday stuff: Getting kids to help you go shopping groceries is one of the easiest examples we can give you to do this.

Check out more easy steps here.

Download here the best multiplication tables from 1 to 12

Below you’ll find the links to download the multiplication tables from 1 to 12 in two different formats. With each of them, you’ll get awesome tools to teach your kid at home. 

Multiplication tables from 1 to 12 excel


With the PDF version, you’ll be able to print all the tables easily.

Download and print out the pink 1-12 multiplication table. To print out the free color coded multiplication 1-12 chart, you can get the PDF version by clicking the button above.

And with the XLSX version you’ve seen in this post, you’ll be able to edit and print out individual tables, to teach kids new to multiplication as they advance (and avoid scaring them out with harder ones like the table of 12).