Are you looking for therapist aid worksheets? We’ve created two amazing CBT and DBT worksheets for you to organize your thoughts and self-assess your course of action through very useful exercises. Are you interested? Let’s get right into it.

Therapist Aid Worksheet

Therapist aid worksheets are very useful when trying to organize thoughts, feelings, actions, and more about the way you behave respecting certain situations.

In this particular article, we’ll show you how to use the DBT of emotion regulation skills, and the CBT of example and practice. Each one of the worksheets was inspired by professional therapists’ worksheets, so you can use them however you want.

The emotion regulation skills will help you organize your thoughts and emotions, to cope with them without reacting negatively.

That way you can manage more easily after each situation that impacts your life significantly, whether you perceive it as good or bad.

The example and practice worksheet will similarly help you by describing the process you manage your emotions, thoughts, and behavior after the event has occurred. Learn here the differences between each type of therapy.

How to use the worksheets?

To use these worksheets, you have to:

  • Print them out. You can download them and print them later whenever something important occurs in your life.
  • Fill them. By filling them out in an honest manner, you’ll be able to recognize, control, and redirect your emotions towards a better behavior or feeling.

And that’s it. This simple, but the effective method can lead you towards a better understanding of the way you think and react to certain issues or matters in your life, thus achieving a better result.


Download the best CBT and DBT worksheets below

Here are the two CBT and DBT worksheets – you can download them in PDF, save them for another time, or simply print as many as you want to start applying them today.

Make sure to check out our other CBT and DBT worksheets, because they can help you in the same sense these worksheets can. Happy healing.


  • DBT emotion regulation skills – PDF
  • CBT example and practice – PDF