Smart Goals Worksheet

Are you looking for a smart goals worksheet to start setting doable goals within feasible deadlines? We’ve created the most useful worksheet for you to start organizing your goals and to define exactly what your goal is.

Smart Goals Worksheet

A smart goals worksheet is not a simple worksheet where you place your goals. Instead, it’s a tool for defining exactly what your goal is using the right thought process.

You have to think of your goal as a silly-dough body – we know this is sort of dumb, but please bear with us.

Imagine you have silly-dough and you want to make a body. You start by giving shape to it from the bottom up until you shape the top of the body, which is the head.

The head of that body is exactly what this worksheet allows you to get to, using concise, easy-to-follow steps that are meant to guide you through the process of brainstorming goals.

When you’re done using this worksheet, you have an achievable goal, with all the steps leading up to it, and even a deadline by which the goal should be achieved already.

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet all you have to do is print it.

Then, start thinking about each aspect of the goal you want to achieve. Write down:

  • The goal you have in mind.
  • What you want to accomplish with this goal.
  • A method to measure your advancement towards your goal.
  • Is it an achievable goal? Do you have everything you need in terms of knowledge, skills, budget, etc.?
  • Is it aligned with other things going on in your life?
  • How much will it take for you to achieve? That’s your deadline.

Finally, synthesize everything you’ve written down in a final statement that summarizes everything about your goal. That’s it!

Download the best smart goal setting worksheets

Below you’ll find the worksheet you can download for free to create an achievable plan for your goals.

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  • Smart goal setting worksheet – PDF