Self-Esteem Worksheets

Are you looking for a self-esteem worksheet?  We’ve created an amazing self-esteem worksheet of strengths use plan for you to identify your traits and exploit them efficiently in your life. Keep reading to learn more.

Self-Esteem Worksheets

When we’re trying to improve our self-esteem, we must focus on what we are as people, and the traits we have naturally to exploit them efficiently.

Why? Because when we try forcing other traits we don’t actually have, or that aren’t our strengths, we can end up being frustrated by failing to perform efficiently.

This simple worksheet allows you to identify your strengths and use them proficiently to improve the way you feel about your behavior.

For example, if you’re an optimist – which is a pretty good trait to have these days – you can exploit that trait by expecting the best out of your projects.

If you’re persistent, you can pair that with your optimism and work towards your goals with much more effort, creating a better opportunity of things turning out to be good in the end.

All of this will make you feel much better about yourself, improving your self-esteem.

How to use this worksheet?

This self-esteem worksheet is very easy to use because you’ll be working with what you are – nothing out of it is made up.

All you have to do is print it, and follow the instructions.

  • Pick up three personality traits you have from the list – or add three new of your liking.
  • Then, write down a brief action plan to try and perform the best possible actions related to the traits.
  • Perform those actions throughout the week – like being optimistic every day, or working persistently every day, or whenever you’re trying to achieve something new.
  • And finally, reap the gains of your effort, which can be purely emotional, or even physical in the form of a raise at work, or a better result from your personal projects.

And that’s it! With this simple worksheet, you’ll be able to explore your favorite traits about yourself. Once you see the formula work, you can then try out other traits you want to pursue and add to your personality, to improve as a person and keep good energies in movement.

Download the best strengths use plan below

Below you’ll find the link to download the best strengths use plan to exploit the best traits of your own personality and reap the benefits by strengthening your self-esteem.

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  • Strength plan – PDF