Kindergarten phonics worksheets

Are you looking for a great kindergarten phonics worksheet? We’ve created two perfect worksheets for you to start teaching children at an early age to differentiate the sounds of each vowel and letter and reinforce their understanding of speech and writing. Keep reading to learn more.

Kindergarten Phonics Worksheet

Kindergarten phonics worksheets are great to teach kids which sound goes with which letter or vowel, and to reinforce their knowledge of speech and writing.

This also works as a preface to writing and saying more elaborated sentences.

We’ve created two different kinds of kindergarten phonics worksheet. The first one allows kids to identify and understand the starting letter of a word, i.e. B is the starting letter of a ball.

The second type allows kids the different vowels inside the words, to complement their understanding of the vowels and how to create words with them.

This is a very important piece of knowledge kids can grasp quickly while they advance their way through learning how to connect words to letters.

How to use these letter worksheets?

These worksheets are very easy to use because they’re meant to be simple. All you have to do is explain to them how phonics works, show them how to do the first exercise, and they’ll be on their way.

  • In the first one, they have to shade the letters that start each word.
  • In the second one, they just have to fill in the missing letters.

kindergarten phonics worksheets 2

And that’s it. You must encourage creativity allowing them to use colored pencils and printing the worksheets in color.

Download the best kindergarten phonics worksheets here

Just like the rest of our worksheets, this one is free to get and free to use and print anytime and as many as you need. Below you’ll find the visualization link of the PDF file, which you can print directly or download for later.

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  • Kindergarten phonics worksheets – PDF
  • Kindergarten phonics worksheets 2 – PDF