halloween worksheets

Halloween is once again on its way, and we’re more than ready for it with the best Halloween worksheets for kids. We’ve created a worksheet that’s fun, easy to use, and cute for kids to fill them at home. Check it out below.

Halloween Worksheets

Halloween is supposedly the scariest time of the year, but it comes with beautiful decorations and costumes, so we had to add a little bit of flair to such a traditional celebration Printerfriend.ly style.

Children love Halloween and love everything related to it because it’s the only time they get to dress up as their favorite heroes and eat as many candies as they can – sounds good even to me.

With this Halloween worksheet, they’ll be able to learn about the different icons that mark the arrival of Halloween. Keep in mind that it was made for the smallest kids in the house since they’re the ones who need to learn what is offered by the worksheet.

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, all you have to do is to download it and print it. The worksheet itself is pretty basic and easy to understand for kids.

It’s kind of like playing the Hangman, but with drawings of the things to make it easier. All they have to do is spell the names of the icons at the right, and that’s about it.


It’s a cute spelling test that kids will enjoy. Once they’re done with the spelling, you can encourage them to draw on top of the worksheet to take the most advantage of the free space, and help them practice their creativity.

Download the best Halloween worksheet below

Below you’ll find the link to the Halloween worksheet we’ve created in PDF. You’ll be able to visualize it first, download it for later, or simply print it out – which should be in full color.

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Halloween worksheet – PDF