goal setting worksheet

Are you looking for a goal setting worksheet to start creating your new mid-year goals? Find here the best one to do it efficiently, measurably, and taking into account everything you need to achieve them. Keep reading to learn more.

Goal-setting Worksheet

A goal-setting worksheet is a very useful tool anyone can use to organize the way they pursue goals and achievements.

They are the best way of keeping track of your advancement in goals, organize your efforts, reunite everything you need to get your goals done, and why not, celebrate after.

Since we humans love to innovate in our lives and pursue a new something occasionally, whether it’s a new hobby, a new career, a new type of learning, and more, we saw the need of creating this worksheet.

The worksheet we created is very simple – you should use it along with our SMART goals worksheet – but it can get you far.

How to use this simple worksheet?

This simple worksheet works as a guideline to set down in paper your plan to pursue your new goal.

It takes into account:

  • The starting and completion date you should keep in mind while trying to achieve your goal – the latter is the deadline.
  • The statement of what your goal is – must be well defined, so please consider utilizing our SMART goals worksheet to define your goal as concise and precise as it can be.
  • Two things you need to achieve your goal. This can be anything, from a tool, a skill, a piece of advice, or just a ton of effort.
  • We also added 6 spots for you to write down the steps you need to follow towards achieving your goal. Try to be as specific as you can when describing them, so you don’t lose your push.
  • And finally, we left a spot for you to write down just the first signals that you’ll notice when you’re getting closer to your goal.

And that’s it. This simple worksheet will keep you motivated while you pursue whatever you want, from learning how to play the ukulele to learning how to ride the bicycle, etc.


Download the best goal setting worksheet here for free

Just as the rest of our worksheets, templates, and everything you can find on our site, this amazing worksheet is free to use, print, and replicate. Feel free to use as many as you want, although we highly recommend you to focus on one goal at a time.

Also, don’t forget to check out our DBT worksheets to practice mindfulness, as they’ll be useful to keep your mindset positive while you work hard towards your goals. Good luck.

· Goal setting worksheet – PDF