coping skills worksheets

Do you need a coping skills worksheets to organize and optimize the way you cope with certain situations? We’ve created the perfect coping skills worksheet to help you recognize the bad coping strategies you may use, and how you can replace them with better ones. Keep reading to learn more.

Coping Skills Worksheets

Everyone has coping skills that help them deal with certain difficulties they may find throughout their lives. From exercising, to smoking, to biting your nails, to meditating – all of them are coping skills.

Coping skills have one thing in common – they help you deal with difficulties. However, some coping skills are not as healthy as others which may be more beneficial to have in your life.

For example, smoking is unhealthy, although it helps people cope with anxiety. Better coping skills to avoid smoking is meditating, exercising, a walk through the park, among others.

We’ve created this coping skills worksheet to help you identify the negative coping skills you may have, their pros and cons.

And also, to help you identify healthier coping skills that may have better benefits in your life, use them instead. Also, it will help you identify the main barriers keeping you from utilizing healthier coping skills.

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet all you have to do is:

  • Print it out and fill it as honestly as you can.
  • Once you write your negative coping skills, you must then write their consequences. For example, if you smoke, you get bad lungs, if you drink too much, you’re at risk of becoming an alcoholic, and so on.
  • Then proceed to write good coping skills and their benefits. For example, cooking for your family, which unites them through enjoying meals, exercising your dog, which makes you bond with your pet even more, and so on.
  • The last step is filling the barriers – I call my own barriers excuses. For example, I don’t cook for my family because I don’t have time, I don’t exercise with my dog because I don’t have the right shoes, or the right leash, and so on.

Once you recognize all of that, you’ll be recognizing what you need to change (the barriers) to practice your good coping skills effectively, and leave the bad ones in the past.

Download these amazing coping skills worksheets here

Below you’ll find the link to download, visualize, or directly print from your browser this useful worksheet.

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