anger management worksheets

Anger management worksheets are a vital piece of paper that can allow for some control over such a destructive emotion as anger. Find here the best anger management worksheets to keep controlling your feelings and lead a better life without them in charge. Keep reading to learn more.

Anger Management Worksheets

Anger issues are as common as white bread – humans are made to survive in nature, and sometimes we needed sudden bursts of aggressiveness to get out of life or death situations.

However, nowadays we don’t really need such aggressiveness, thus we need to control ourselves and reach a pact with our emotions – they work calmly and without destroying everything in our path, and we lead happier lives.

Still, this is easier said than done, especially when we’re surrounded by negative situations.

Everyone says “count backwards from a hundred to one”, but that’s pretty hard to do when all you want to do is punch walls or throw chairs around like in that meme from the motorcycle guys – not a big tv fan around here.

That’s exactly why we’ve created the perfect anger management worksheet with tips that will actually help you.

Why is this worksheet useful?

This worksheet is very useful because it guides you through the process of calming down using breathing. By inhaling and exhaling slowly in a paced and controlled manner, you’ll have access to one of the best stress relief practices you can master.

It’s simple, easy to do anywhere when you feel like your angry self is about to take over, and even once that happens.


To use it, all you have to do is print a few, and place them strategically around your home, and where you work. Even glancing at it a few times per day serves as a reminder that you should breathe slowly and calm down.

This is particularly useful around workspaces – I have one right across me behind the PC monitor, and God, it helps a lot.

Download the best anger management worksheet below

The anger management worksheet we’ve created is simple and serves the purpose of reminding you to calm down. Life is already hard when you’re calmed down, but at least you can make better decisions if you’re relaxed.

Don’t forget to check out our DBT worksheets to practice mindfulness and a couple of simple meditation tips, because these help a lot with anger management.


  • Anger management worksheet – PDF