bubble letter x

Find here the cutest printable bubble letter ‘X’ to design your own phone case. Do you want to create your own phone case letter-based design? Find here some free resources and tips to do it from home.

Bubble letter ‘X’

Creating a letter-based design for your phone case is not hard – if you have the right resources that are. Creating fonts is not easy, especially if you don’t have the right tools to do it. But worry not, because here at Printerfriendly we’ve got you more than covered.

We’ve created four different font designs that you can use to get inspiration for your next DIY project. This time, we’re going to show you some ideas on how to create your own customized phone case. Are you in? Let’s get right into it.

How to design your own bubble letter ‘X’ phone case?

Follow the next steps to design your fashionable DIY phone case:

  1. Get a plastic white phone case that doesn’t have any design in it. You can also use an old phone case that lost its design with daily use, but that has the plastic in good shape.
  2. You’ll need some acrylic or ceramic paints of the colors you’ll use. You can also use nail polish.
  3. Download and print out the letter design you want to use.
  4. For the design, you can create cutouts and stencils from the printed pages, and then paint inside them to create fillings, or outside them to create cool outlines. We recommend that you try this on a different empty page first and when you settle on the design, do it directly on top of the case.
  5. When you decide what the final design will look like, simply reproduce it on the case.
  6. You can add some transparent polish, paint, or varnish to protect the design. Alternatively, you can add one with glitter to make it more fashionable.

And that’s how you create your next customized phone case in six easy steps. We’ve created four font designs for you to use.

 Graffiti letter ‘X’

Awesome to create urban-style phone cases. We recommend that you add some more colors to the rest of the case to go with it and resemble actual graffiti.

Bubble letter ‘X’

This one is more for the cuties out there. It goes great with any of the primary colors, but also with cream colors. We recommend that you add cute drawings to complement it, like teddy bears, cute cartoons, or more.

Fancy cursive font ‘X’

This one is perfect to use with black and white cases. If you add some glitter and varnish, you’ll get the most fashionable DIY phone case you can get, even if you leave the actual case in plain white.

fancy letter x

Block font ‘X’

This one is perfect to write quotes in your phone case. It’s simple, but it sure looks good if you add some more details, like the ones mentioned above for the other letters. Also, make sure to pick the smallest size.

Download the best printable bubble letter ‘X’ and more below

All these resources are available to you for free. You can create some awesome phone cases with them, and many more things, depending on your creativity and skills. Want more DIY ideas? Check out the neighboring letters ‘W’ and ‘Y’ for more.