bubble letter w purple

Are you looking for a printable bubble letter ‘W’ to create the perfect Christmas cards? Find here four cute designs you can download for free to help your kids with their Christmas cards. Are you ready?

Printable letter ‘W’: Trace in bubble letter, block, graffiti and fancy fonts

Every year, hundreds of thousands of pre-made Christmas letters and cards are printed, teaching your kids that being original is overrated. Here at Printerfriend.ly, we think that’s ok. Still, originality is something your kids will benefit from having when they grow up, and what a better time to teach them this than Christmas.

If they are new to this, helping your children create their own Christmas cards and Santa letters is a good idea. A bubble printable letter ‘W’ or a fancy cursive ‘W’ might be what your kid’s nearly perfect Christmas letter needs to convince Santa. In this article, we’ll help you and your kids to create the most beautiful homemade Christmas cards that will keep kids entertained, and you very happy to spend time with your loved ones.

How to use printable bubble letters to create the letter?

All you have to do to help your kids create a beautiful Christmas letter is to promote creativity in them. Tell them that whatever they come up with is great and will make Santa happy. But, hey, you can always help them out. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Let your kids write a message for Santa, greeting him, telling him that he should wear a mask when he enters the house, and what they want from him this year.
  2. Show them the letters and let them pick the ones they like the most.
  3. Download and print the letters they want to use in their cards.
  4. Let them add color and drawings, and use them wherever they want in the card. They can use it as titles, as starting letters in their messages, and more.

How to create Christmas cards?

Christmas cards are easier. They usually contain a cute drawing, which kids can make on their own, and a lovely message to make readers happy. For Christmas cards, we recommend that you use the fancy letter ‘W’ design.

bubble letter w

You can also create an urban Christmas card with this graffiti letter ‘W’. It’s all about being original, so this will definitely count.

If you want a more traditional approach, you can use the fancy letter ‘W’, which is a staple in wishing people a Merry Christmas.

fancy letter w

Finally, if your kids will create the cards (for friends or family members), you can print out block letters, like this letter ‘W’ design. It’s a simple design, easy to use as a cutout or stencil, and will help the little ones that struggle to write.

Download the best printable bubble letter ‘W’ below

Below, you’ll find the four designs we’ve shown you above. Download the one that suits your needs. You can also check out the letter ‘U’ and letter ‘X’ designs we’ve created to get more resources.

  • Bubble letter ‘W’ – Full-page or several.
  • Block letter ‘W’– Full-page or several.
  • Fancy letter ‘W’ – Full-page or several.
  • Graffiti letter ‘W’ – Full-page or several.