bubble letter 'R'

This bubble letter ‘R’ is exactly what you need to create awesome birthday signs. Do you want everyone to have a nice time at your party? Do you want to decorate everything with cute signs? Learn how to do it with letters here.

Printable letter ‘R’: Trace in bubble letter, block, graffiti and fancy fonts

When talking about birthday parties, people get excited, thinking about the possibilities to make the birthday guy or gal’s as happy as possible. If they love to be in the spotlight of the celebration with their names everywhere, if you want to create beautiful birthday signs, or a big banner to surprise them, we have the perfect tools for you.

Are you ready to learn a few DIY ideas for birthday parties and decorations? Keep reading then.

How to create party decorations with simple letters?

There are hundreds of ideas you can create with a simple printed letter. Here we’ll share some of the best ones we could think of:

  1. Create cutouts to paste in the wall (not permanently) and write cute messages.
  2. Put them in a string to write messages and hang them.
  3. Add them to tables, glasses, and more.
  4. Create paper necklaces, crowns, and tiaras.
  5. Use them as wrapping paper for gifts and for gift tags.
  6. Use them to design birthday party invitations.
  7. Make bracelets to identify attendants and send them with the invitations.
  8. Create disco balls or lamps with paper and letter cutouts.

For most of those ideas, you’ll just need some glue, glitter, cord, ribbons, envelopes, and some Christmas ideas. All to create beautiful decoration with cheap printable bubble letters. Check out the letters below.

Bubble letter ‘R’

This bubble letter ‘R’ will be awesome for a kid’s birthday party decorations. You can also use the ideas above to keep them busy cutting, painting, and with simple artsy DIY stuff.

Bubble letter R - White

Block letter ‘R’

This block letter ‘R’ is simple enough to write cute signs and messages with cutouts. It’s easy to cut with scissors, as it’s mostly made with straight lines. Print them with color or paint them and cover them with glitter to make them more appealing.

Block letter R - White

Fancy letter ‘R’

Who would think that a fancy cursive letter ‘R’ could be so beautiful to print and use it to decorate? With fonts like this, you can write messages and quotes. Take into account that it’s not the most visible, as it’s thin and easy to overlook. You’ll have to make them colorful and flashy to notice them.

Graffiti ‘R’

This graffiti ‘R’ is simple, looks cool, and is great to paste it on the wall. You’ll want to make it as colorful as possible, maybe outline it with some shiny led lights or stick lights for them to shine in the dark. Perfect to turn your house into Ibiza for a night.

Download the best bubble letter ‘R’ and other designs below

All these ideas and designs are free for you to use. It’s easily the cheapest way of decorating a party. Keep in mind that it’s much better if you use recycled paper for this purpose. Want more ideas? Check out the letter ‘Q’ and S’ designs for more.