bubble letter N blue

Are you looking for a bubble letter ‘N’ stencil to use in wood-carving? Find here the best letter ‘N’ stencils in different designs, including fancy cursive, graffiti, and more. Read more to find out how to get them for free.

Printable letter ‘N’ in bubble, block, graffiti and fancy stencil templates

If you’re into wood-carving and wood-burning, you’re probably looking for some ideas to create more beautiful pieces. If that’s so, you came to the right place. We’ve been creating awesome letter-based designs and wood-burning is a trend that caught our attention. With the right set of skills and materials, you can create cool designs and a wide variety of wood-carved items. If you want to add letter-based designs to your creations, we have created some beautiful stencils you can use for free, regardless of the purpose.

How to use these stencils?

We’ve created four different font designs you can download for free. To use them, you just have to download your selected design, print it, cut out the stencils, and start tracing with your favorite wood-burning technique. A good idea is to trace the design using the cutouts and draw on top with wood-burning.

You’ll get beautiful designs that are original and highly customizable. Use these letters to write names, dates, and more that’s worth commemorating. Check out our designs below.

Bubble letter ‘N’

If you create wooden toys for kids, like building blocks, trains, and even bats, you can personalize them easily with this bubble letter ‘N’. These are cute letters that look even better with carving and paint instead of raw wood-burning.

white bubble letter N

Block letter ‘N’

If you want to write messages, this block letter ‘N’ comes in the simplest font you can use. It’s good to write quotes, dates, and more. Keep in mind that it’s not fancy, but it’s great if the message has a lot of meaning that doesn’t require colorfulness to be important.

Fancy cursive ‘N’

If you want to add a fancy touch, you’ll love this fancy letter ‘N’. You’ll have to practice a little hand-writing to use it though. We also recommend this font for wood-burning, as they look great with the dark tones achieved through this technique.

fancy letter N

Graffiti letter ‘N’

This graffiti letter is highly recommended to add a touch of rebellious art to your creations. It’s modern, it looks young, and looks great both carved and burned into the wood.

Download the best printable letter ‘N’ stencils for wood-burning here

Below, you’ll find the download links for these designs. Keep in mind that you’ll have to print them and cut them to obtain stencils and cutouts. We recommend that you use a good pair of sharp scissors or a better tool, or simply print more than one in case you mess up. Also, check out our bubble letter ‘M’ and the letter ‘O’ designs for more options.