Find here the most useful tips on how to draw the letter ‘G’ in different fonts, including bubble letters. In this article, you’ll learn how to create the letter ‘G’ and others using simple guidelines. Even kids can benefit from these tips and develop their creativity.

Printable letter ‘G’: Write letter ‘g’ in bubble, block, graffiti, and cursive fonts

Drawing original fonts is not easy. The easiest thing you can do is to use classic block letters. There’s nothing wrong with them, but these aren’t the most visibly appealing ones. That’s why we’re going to show you how to draw four different fonts easily. You’ll also find some useful downloadable stencils below, so make sure to keep reading.

How to draw the bubble letter ‘G’

Drawing bubble letters is easier than you think. The first thing you have to do is to think in round shapes or “bubbles”, or imagine letters created with balloons. How would they look? Something like this:

bubble letter G how to draw it

  1. First, draw a simple ‘G’ with lines.
  2. Then draw a few curved lines at each side to make them appear chunky.
  3. After that, erase the simple “line skeleton” G inside them.
  4. It would be a great idea to add some color, details, lighting, or even shadows.

And that’s it.

How to draw the fancy letter ‘G’

This one is simpler, as it’s comprised of lines and lines alone. The slightly thicker lines are created with the pen you’re using, so any pen won’t work. If you’re using a pencil to draw them, you can sharpen it to look like a screwdriver. That way you can get similar results.

fancy letter G

How to draw a graffiti letter ‘G’

Graffiti is a form of artistic expression, so you’ll have to figure it out with your feelings, emotions, and your skill. Here at, we love using regular letters, and then modifying them similarly to what we did with the bubble letter G. Here’s an example:

graffiti letter G

Block letter G

The block letter G is the easiest and most basic font you can use with any letter. Simply draw a letter G and make it thicker until you get the result you want.

block font G

Download the best letter ‘G’ printable stencils below

You can also get some pre-made designs we’ve created especially for you. If you want to teach kids how to draw simpler designs, you can download them, and let them color them or trace them. These are free to use, so make sure to share this valuable resource with your friends. Check out letters ‘F’ and ‘H’ to apply this guide with other designs.