Get a free bubble letter ‘E’ or three other awesome designs here. These are the most useful resources to teach your kids many things, including DIY skills, and something as basic as recognizing the same letters in different fonts.

Printable letter ‘E’: Free bubble letter, block, graffiti, and fancy outlines

Kids usually start learning how to read by the age of four and will continue to learn for their entire lives. Still, with so many stylish letters and fonts in signs, logos, brands, TV, internet, and more, they might get a little bit confused.

That’s one of the many reasons we’ve created these interesting letter designs. These can also be a good source of inspiration for family projects, like a treehouse, wooden-made toys, kites, modeling, and more. Are you ready to enjoy many activities with kids at home?

How to use these printable letters?

We’ve created four different designs for you to download for free, each in two different presentations. We have a full-page letter, and a page filled with several smaller letters. These are awesome for projects where you need to write things with a lot of E’s, like your kid’s new homemade lemonade stand. You can also print them for younglings to color and draw them, so they can improve their artistic traits.

Printable bubble letter ‘E’

These letters are awesome for kids under the age of six. They are cute, easy to draw, and good to decorate their parties and keep them busy coloring them. You can also encourage reading and other activities with them.

Block font ‘E’

These are simpler letters, but they come in handy as well. If you have a kid who’s older than six, you can print some of these letters to teach them how to use scissors (safety scissors and under your supervision, of course!). It will be awesome to strengthen their hands and provide them with improved motor skills, which will be useful for them to express their creativity.

Graffiti letter ‘E’

For pre-teens of twelve years old and older, a way to express their creativity purposefully is vital. This graffiti letter ‘E’ can be a good way of inspiring them to do so if they’re into street movements and culture. You can help them create stencils or cutouts with this stylish letter, and let them redecorate their room.

graffiti letter e

Fancy cursive ‘E’

Finally, if your kids are more serious in nature, they might want to take the fancy way of expressing their thoughts in cursive writing. This font can help them learn how to write in cursive, as well as to use it to create stencils. They can then add quotes or whatever phrase inspires them to their bedroom wall.

fancy letter E

Download the best bubble letter ‘E’ fonts and others here

You can help kids play and have fun with their own creativity with these designs. Here at, we love helping you to help them, but it only works if you’re doing your part. Are you in?

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