Check out our cursive letter ‘T’ worksheets and improve your writing skills today. If you’ve been having a rough time helping your kids and teaching them how to write in cursive, these worksheets will be the solution you need. They are suitable for all ages, easy to use, and quick. Just print them and let them practice each letter.

Practice worksheets for cursive ‘T’: Capital, upper and lowercase letter Ts

The cursive letter ‘T’ is one of the easiest letters to learn as a kid. But with our worksheets, learning is even more efficient. You’ll just have to download them, allow them to practice, and them be amazed by how fast they master this vital letter. Learn more below.

How to write a cursive ‘T’

A cursive uppercase letter ‘T’ is simple. It’s very similar to the letter ‘J’. It starts in the bottom of guide line, and goes up forming a stylish tilted line tilted to the right. After that, it’s topped by a horizontal, upside down ‘J’ that’s goes from left to right.

letter 't' worksheets for uppercase and lowercase

The lowercase version is even simpler. It’s a lowercase letter ‘L’ that is also crossed near the top by a straight line.

Free cursive ‘T’ practice sheet (upper and lowercase)

This free cursive lower and uppercase letter ‘T’ worksheet is easy to use. It will allow anyone to write perfect letter ‘T’s in both versions.

letter 't' worksheets upper and lowercase sequence

Capital ‘T’ worksheet (uppercase) for kids

If your kids are struggling with just the uppercase version of the letter, you can use the individual uppercase letter ‘T’ writing worksheet. They will master the shape and design easily after a few uses.

capital cursive 'T' worksheet

Lowercase cursive ‘T’ worksheet

The lowercase version of the letter is much easier to practice, but vital too. In English, many words have double ‘T’s in them, which is why this worksheet comprised of only the lowercase version of the letter will be highly beneficial for them.

lowercase letter 'T' worksheet perfect for kids

Print and download cursive ‘T’ worksheets

Download the best cursive letter ‘T’ worksheets below. We’ve created a bundle with all of the worksheets above in PDF so you can print them any time. Also, don’t forget to check out our letter ‘S’ and more worksheets to master all letters.

  • Cursive letter ‘T’ worksheets – PDF.