fall leaf pattern

Are you looking for some fall, tropical , or leaf pattern cutouts to decorate a natural style party? We’ve got you covered with the best natural leaves cutouts for you to download for free. Get them below!

Leaf Patterns to Cut Out: Fall, Tropical, And Maple Leaves

Leaf cutouts are simple and versatile pieces of decoration that you can use to give a natural touch to your DIY projects or school assignments.

Surprisingly, we found that there are thousands of them out there, but they’re paid options that not everyone has access to, whether they’re just copyrighted images or vector designs.

That’s why we’ve decided to create a couple of designs you can use entirely for free in school or DIY projects.

A fall and maple leaf pattern are great with brown and yellowish tones, perfect to pair with watercolor tinctures and canvas.

And a tropical leaf pattern to pair with the brightest shades of green you can find to turn your house into a jungle.

How to use our cutouts?

To use our patterns, you only have to follow three steps.

  • First, download the pattern you want to cut out. There are three links available at the end of the post to download them or, alternatively, print them.
  • Second, print the patterns on a blank sheet so they fit perfectly.
  • Finally, use the final sheet as a stencil, or cut them out however you want, or you can also add color on top of them and cut them afterward.

The possibilities are endless with just a tiny bit of creativity.

Download the best leaves patterns to cut out below

We’ve created three different patterns, which you can download below with a few clicks.

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mapple leaf pattern

  • Fall leaf pattern – PDFPNG
  • Tropical leaf pattern – PDFPNG
  • Maple leaf pattern – PDFPNG