hard printable pumpking stencil

October is next month, and with it comes Halloween; do you have your printable pumpkin stencils? Pumpkin carving is a beautiful (and sometimes spooky) tradition we have to protect and pass to the next generation. Learn here how to do it.

5 printable pumpkin stencils and patterns for easy carving

Halloween is among the most interesting yearly celebrations that both kids and adults love. Not only it’s a jolly time to watch spooky films, but it’s an opportunity to gather with your family, and have a nice time avoiding trick or treats. Are you prepared?

We’re not talking about a bowl of sugary snacks to fend off ghosts, zombies, and superheroes (which you should keep in mind). We’re talking more about decorative pumpkins with interesting carved shapes.

Aside from dressing up, this tradition is among the coolest ones, and it’s a family-friendly tradition that everyone loves. Do you have your pumpkin?

easy printable pumplin stencil

How to carve the best pumpkins?

Using our pumpkin carving stencils (printable in PDF), you’ll be able to create awesome designs easily. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download and print one (or all) of our printable pumpkin stencils.
  2. Gear up with the best tools you can use to carve a pumpkin. A sharp knife, a small paring knife, and a serrated knife, a couple of big spoons, and more.
  3. Start by opening and cleaning the pumpkin’s insides.
  4. Then, place the stencils on one side of the pumpkin. A little tape can help you keep it in place. You can also cut out the stencils to get two tools (the cut-out shape, and the rest of the sheet).
  5. Start carving the smallest cuts first. These are hard to get right, so stay focused.
  6. Create depth or a layered effect. This will make them much more detailed.
  7. Carve out the biggest cuts in the end.
  8. Add a candle inside.

That’s it. If you follow those easy steps and use our printable pumpkin stencils, you’ll be able to create a winner Halloween carved pumpkin. Join some contest to compare it with others, and why not, earn a prize or two.

printable pumpkin stencil master level

Download here the best printable pumpkin stencils

We’ve created five (free) printable pumpkin stencils you can download in PDF files and print easily at home. Keep in mind that we created them this year, so you won’t find a lot of competition using them. Get an original, contest-winning design to carve out. Also, they come in different difficulties, so make sure to pick the one that fits your carving skills.

Extra easy – PDF.

Easy – PDF.

Medium – PDF.

Hard – PDF.

Master – PDF.