So it’s almost that time again; the NFL playoffs are almost upon us. Only six teams from each conference will progress through to the playoffs and a chance to play in Super Bowl 49 will be up for grabs. First up is the wild card round, which pits 4 teams from each conference against each other to win a spot in the divisional round. Get your printable NFL playoff brackets from and wait for the following potential four games in the wild card round:

Colts vs. Ravens

The Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens will meet in the first of the wild card games, and start off the NFL playoffs. Many are considering the Colts to be the favorites to win this one, but you can never count out the spirited Ravens team.

Steelers vs. Bengals

The second AFC wild card pairing will likely be the Steelers and the Bengals. A lot will be riding on the Steelers’ “Big Ben”; the quarterback will be instrumental if the Steelers are to win a divisional berth. Bengals do have a shot for the win, but they will have to play a near perfect game to get it.

Cowboys vs. Packers

This NFC wild card battle will probably be the most exciting match of the round. The Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers will both have to fight a tough battle to clinch a divisional round spot. Aaron Rodgers and the gang may have a slight edge over the cowboys and that may just be enough to get them a win.

Seahawks vs. Saints

Seahawks and their recent championship win will be tough to beat. The current Super Bowl champs could make it a one sided game, but you can never count out a NFL team out of a game. You never know- the Saints may pull out a late Christmas miracle out of their helmets and beat the Seahawks.

These are the four potential matchups you can expect in the wild card round. But, they may never happen because the last two weeks are a mad dash to get the playoff spots and there are still teams that are in contention to leap frog the aforementioned teams. So, get the printable NFL playoffs bracket and wait for the final results to see who actually makes it!