Cricket is a complicated game, and the scoring can be too! In this post, we have several different blank printable scoresheets for you use. Printing these free score sheets will make it easier for you to follow the game and accurately keep score during your cricket game.

Are you interested in score sheets for other games? We have scorecards and sheets of all types; including basketball here and here, and we’ll be adding other scores sheets soon.

Printable cricket score sheets

Our first sheet has all the details you need to keep track of a cricket match. Be sure to look over the sheet before it starts so that you know where all the different sections are!

cricket scoreboard

To download the above score sheet as a PDF, click here.

Free cricket scorecard

Our next score sheet is similar, but slightly different detail, and the sections in different locations on the paper – make sure you know where everything is before the match begins.

cricket scoresheet

To download the above score sheet as a PDF, click here.

Cricket score sheet with bowler info

Our final sheet is a bit less complicated. All it records is the scores throughout the match, and the players. This would be a good scorecard to start with if you only know the basic rules of the game.

cricket scorecard

To download the above score sheet as a PDF, click here.

If you’re new to cricket, it can be confusing. This article gives the rules in simple language, and also gives some exercises that kids or beginners can do at home to improve their skills. If you’re not interested in playing the game, but still need some pointers on how to keep score, this PDF gives some tips based on the MCC Laws of Cricket.