Printable World Cup Schedule

FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup occurs every four years and is an international event that rivals the Olympics in terms of coverage and popularity. FIFA, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, the global organization that oversees the soccer tournament and governs the national football teams from around the world.

FIBA World Cup of Basketball

Previously known as the World Champtionships of Basketball, the re-branded FIBA World Cup makes it’s debut in 2014 in Spain. Like the FIFA World Cup, the basketball tournament comes every four years and is an global event that many countries consider the actual world basketball championship, as opposed to the Olympics.

FIBA or Internationale Basketball Association was founded in 1932 and is the governing organization that oversees the basketball World Cup tournament and over 200 basketball “federations” around the globe.

In addition to the international event known as the FIBA World Cup, each region has their own tournament. Specifically, these tournaments are casually known as Eurobasket, Asiabasket, Afrobasket, Tournament of the Americas, and the FIBA Oceania Championships.