A photographer created this COVID-19 daily schedule and its gone viral no pun intended)

These next several weeks of quarantine and social distancing is turning everyday life upside down for the sake of the larger community. The coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced businesses to restrict their hours, office workers are working from home, and schools are closing. With that, all entertainment is pretty much shut down too: clubs, bars, restaurants, movie theatres, playgrounds, gyms are/should be off-limits.

Social distancing means you should stay indoors, so how should you and your family pass the time in these tough times? Struggling to figure out what your day should look like? Then this COVID-19 daily schedule created by Jessica McHale might be for you. You can download and print it out below.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Schedule

This simple schedule was crated in order to keep Jessica and her family “sane through the unprecedented weeks ahead”. Since then the schedule has been shared and liked by tens of thousands as of this post, including teachers, doctors, parents, and behavioral groups.

covid-19 schedule

You can download and print the coronavirus family schedule out in image format like above. If you prefer the Microsoft Word format or download and print the PDF of the schedule here.

It’s no surprise that the daily schedule is so popular, considering all of us trying to deal with forced isolation and/or unsure how to pass the day with their energetic kids. To see the original, you can go to Jessica McHale Photography.