Printer friendly NBA Schedules for 2020-21 Season

Printable NBA Schedules

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NBA Team Schedules

Here is an list of NBA teams in alphabetical order for you to choose printable team schedules:

NBA Playoffs

The NBA playoffs start in April and normally go into mid to late June. The postseason tournament bracket includes 16 teams, eight from both the Western and Eastern conferences, all vying for the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

For the 2013-14 season for example, the NBA playoffs started on April 19, 2014 and the Finals began on June 5th, 2014. Each round of the NBA playoffs are a best-of-seven series. The first team to reach four wins in each one of their brackets ultimately are crowned the NBA Champions.

Access our printable NBA playoff brackets so you can have a hard copy to post to your wall or cubicle:

Will LeBron dominate the 2015 NBA Playoff Bracket?

With LeBron James’ homecoming to Cleveland teaming with upcoming superstar Kyrie Irving, current superstar Kevin Love joining in a trade for 2014 #1 pick Andrew Wiggins and 2013 #1 pick in Anthony Bennett, the Cavaliers are looking like strong bracket contenders. In addition to the headline players, King James has also enticed veterans James Jones and Shawn Marion to come to the midwest.

Obviously, it’s early, so we can’t predict how well the Cleveland experiment will go. With proven and hungry teams like Oklahoma City and Los Angeles Clippers, the retooled and re-Derrick Rose Chicago Bulls and looming shadow of San Antonio, the ascension of Cleveland to the top of the mountain is certainly premature.

Past NBA Playoff Bracket Summary

The 2014 NBA Playoff Bracket: The San Antonio Spurs were the NBA champions of the 2013-14 season schooling LeBron James, Dwyane Wade. Chris Bosh and company in 5 games.

Their ball movement and execution was a pleasure to behold for basketball purists and fans alike. Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker are the first three players you think about when you talk about the Spurs, but Kawhi Leonard was the Finals MVP, and Boris Diaw and Danny Green were just as crucial to Gregg Popovich’s gameplan.

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