3D printing is in these days and is transforming various industries across the world. One of its biggest beneficiaries is emerging to be the construction industry, particularly domestic house construction. Here in this article, we will tell you about some of the most interesting and beautiful 3D printed homes from different parts of the world.

3D-Printed Homes in Mexico – Icon

A huge 3D printer is changing the landscape of an entire neighbourhood in Mexico. Armed with a technology that makes 3D printing a home within 24 hours, this project creates beautiful homes for smaller families. The used printer is 10 m long and churns out the core for every 152 m² area, in which the interiors, windows and roof are fitted later. It is run by a non-profit organisation known as New Story, which has collaborated with Icon, and is using the latter’s Vulcan II printer for the housing project.

The idea behind it is to enable Mexicans residing in rural areas to leave behind their shacks and move into these newly created two-bedroom houses. Many believe that developments like these can be key to resolving the housing crisis all over the world.

3D printed house equipped to function off-grid – PassivDom

Referred to as PassivDom House, this 3D home was originally designed for maximum energy efficiency and sustainability. It runs entirely on solar power and as an additional feature can even be equipped to generate water from moisture content in the air. These units are created with the help of a large 3D printer installed in a Nevada factory, and is expected to be a game changer in the small housing segment. The bathroom shower is even capable of cleaning and recycling water.

Italian 3D-printed home – WASP

WASP is an Italy-based 3D printing company which is into construction of small houses, essentially to showcase the capabilities of their path-breaking Crane WASP printer. It’s a model 3D printer which can construct homes in multiple sizes and formats, in very quick time.

Referred to as Gaia, the 3D printed homes are 30 m² in size and have a 3D printed exterior shell as well as internal timber beams to support the timber roof of the unit. Some of their homes are printed with natural mud mixture obtained from ground soil, combined with waste materials.

3D printed houses that look like alien world homes! – Eindhoven University of Technology

These 3D printed homes look straight out of some sci-fi film and are a creation of Eindhoven University of Technology. The institute plans to produce more number of units which can be easily rented at a fair price by the people. Their project is in fact the first of its kind commercial housing project of the world, based on 3D concrete printing technology.

3D-printed homes in Amsterdam – DUS Architects

A creation of Amsterdam-based DUS Architects, these small 3D printed micro-houses come equipped with their own internal bathtubs, and are pretty cozy. They’re constructed using bioplastic. The project is all about demonstrating the power of additive manufacturing which can potentially provide temporary housing solutions for disaster prone areas. Once no longer required, the homes can be destroyed, with all the materials getting reused.