printable coronavirus symptoms chart

This easy to use printable Coronavirus Symptoms chart and poster will be very useful to you. You can easily print it, post it somewhere visible, and help others stay safe by knowing if they have the virus. This will help tremendously so the ones that have the virus don’t make other people sick.

Printable Coronavirus Symptoms chart.

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is the newly discovered virus that has spread around the world in the last months, reaching the point of being declared a pandemic by the WHO. Many events, like our beloved March Madness, were cancelled because of it.

Here at Printerfriendly, we know that staying safe, handle the right information about the virus, and know how to identify if someone has it is vital to avoid it from spreading. That’s why we’ve created this very useful printable Coronavirus Symptoms chart for you to download completely for free.

What are the symptoms?

Some people compare COVID-19 with influenza or the flu, but this new virus has a few specific symptoms that make it rather easy to identify. These are:

  • Fever: It doesn’t present in all cases. Some people have fever periodically, having periods of time where it completely disappears for a few hours, but it comes back after.
  • Sore or itchy throat: This is also one of the first symptoms to appear.
  • Coughing: a dry cough that’s directly linked to throat issues follows.
  • Breathing difficulty or shortness of breath: This is a symptom that doesn’t appear in all cases. Still, it appears in cases that may complicate over time, especially in older people and people with preexisting conditions like asthma, allergies or other chronic respiratory issues.

If you see someone with those symptoms, stay away from them, cover your mouth, and wash your hands thoroughly after every interaction. The best way of staying safe is to stay at home and avoid crowded places. You must also know that, even though the virus is very contagious, the fatality rate is only 4%. Still, that doesn’t mean you should expose yourself at all to the strongest flu you’ll ever experience since that can also hurt the ones you love. Get here a printable poster with all the tips you need to avoid COVID-19.

Download the best printable COVID-19 symptoms chart here for free.

We’ve prepared the download links to the COVID-19 symptoms chart in two formats; PDF and JPG. Both of them will be really useful to print out and visualize on mobile devices.

You can also download the Symptoms poster by clicking on the image.