Taking notes is not just a school thing; it is a life skill! From scribbling the professor’s lecture, to recording the minutes for an important business meeting, to organizing the next big family event. In fact, you may be writing notes without even noticing it: preparing a grocery list, leaving messages on the refrigerator door, writing down instructions or rules for the babysitter.

Notes are a simple yet effective way to make sure we remember: whether it be ideas, thoughts, events, promises, commitments, goals, and more. And while the digital revolution offers us a lot of mobile app options for taking notes — writing it all down by hand on paper helps us retain its details to memory better.



Printing your own note paper is not just cheaper, it is also a smarter choice. Whether you need a lot or just a sheet or two, you can just download our free printable note paper PDF and print as many or as few as you need.





Not all notes need to be big. In fact, some people prefer to carry around smaller notepads which they can easily fit inside their bags, or even their pockets. For some office workers, a smaller notepad means more space on their desk, resulting to a less cluttered cubicle. And if you like to keep your notes short and concise, using a notepad will result to less wasted paper, too! Try our free downloadable PDF to print your own notepad, and trim it down by following the cut marks in the template. 





If you’re a prolific note-writer, having your own notebook is a must. But why buy one when you can just create your own? Using our printable notes page, all you need to do is download and print, cut in half, then bind the sheets together.