Learning and understanding music is a lot like the alphabet. You don’t just listen and imitate how it sounds like; you also need to know how to write it down — except, instead of letters, you will be writing musical notes.

While you are free to use a blank or ruled paper, these might end up far more tedious than just downloading and printing a music staff template. Music staffs specifically use a 5-line format, so either you take too much time trying to draw the lines by yourself on the blank paper, or you end up with distracting extra lines on normal ruled papers.

For this reason, whether you’re a passionate learner, a dedicated teacher, or a seasoned composer, using a music staff paper template is not just an advantage; it is a must. Why spend time drawing staff lines on paper when you can just print our downloadable templates for free? Check out our printable samples, and pick what suits you best!





Every music lesson starts with learning how to write down your musical notes properly. In this free template, the staff is made wider to help you practice placing each musical note correctly. If you are a music student or a teacher, feel free to download an use this ready-to-print music staff paper.





Are you playing the piano? This downloadable music staff paper is ideal for you! The standard treble and bass clef are included in this particular music sheet, so you can simply focus on jotting down the musical notes on this free printable template.





If you’re already accustomed to the fundamentals, using a blank staff paper will enable you to freely compose your music. Unleash your acoustic creativity with this blank musical staff sheet, which you can download and print for free!