map of the United States

A printable blank map of the United States is a key thing to have for many reasons. Here we’ll show you how useful it can be to you and your family. When you finish reading this article, you’ll surely want to download these useful maps.

Printable blank map of the United States

There are many reasons why having a blank map of the United States is important. The main three are:

  • Helping yourself and your kids learn all of the States of the country.
  • Helping your kids with their homework.
  • Adding the image of the country to different pieces of artwork.
  • Teaching someone how to read a map.
  • Using it in table games like Risk.
  • And helping someone not to depend on technology all the time.

People think that a map is an outdated tool, but they couldn’t be more wrong. That’s why you can easily download and print out the different versions of this map here.

How to teach children using this map?

Learning all of the States is not an easy thing to do when you’re a kid. That’ why having a few strategies, like mnemonic learning, can help a lot with this task. If you want to participate in the education of your children, you can do it like this:

  • Download and print the map.
  • Start studying the map with your children. You can alternate between the two available versions to do it more easily.
  • You can add a little fun to the mix by playing memory with it. Simply let your children see the full map with names, and challenge them to write the names of each State correctly.
  • Using the colored version can help them associate the names with colors, making it much easier for them.
  • Play risk using this blank map. You can easily do it with a few things at home.

After a few days of doing this, your children will surely know all the States of the map by heart, without forgetting it. Learning made easy and fun. You can also schedule your practice times and days with this useful to-do list.

Download a Printable blank map of the United States here

Below you’ll find this useful map in three versions; one with color, one completely blank, and one with the names. Each one is more useful than the other to help you out; especially when trying to memorize them.

map of the United States mnemonic color dots

  • A colorful version in PDF or JPG.
  • A blank version in PDF or JPG.