Keto diet food list

The Keto diet is a very useful, delicious, and popular diet nowadays; so here’s the best printable Keto diet list for you to follow it. This type of alimentation regime is very different from others when compared because it uses fat as a major source of energy, instead of carbs. Check more details about it below.

Printable keto food list and downloadable cheat sheet (Pdf)

A printable keto diet list is of the utmost importance when following this particular diet. This diet is restrictive in a very interesting way; it allows fats and protein as major sources of energy and muscle building bricks, but cuts on carbs. The result is that it modifies the way your body works by swiping carbs as the major source of energy for it by fats. Since your body starts using fat as its primary energy source, you’ll burn fat very fast, while augmenting your energy levels and improving your quality of life.

This is a very fun diet to follow, as it doesn’t prevent you from eating delicious things, like bacon and whole eggs, but just limits (but not fully eliminates) carbohydrates. You can say goodbye to potatoes for a while, and start eating bacon and eggs with bell peppers of all colors. Are you ready to try it?

Why should you use this diet?

This diet was first created to treat epilepsy-related diseases in kids. Still, soon enough people found out it was very effective to keep low-fat levels in the body. Why? Well, this diet is called a Ketogenic diet, because it causes the body to enter a ketogenic state. This means that your body is forced to fuel in with fat instead of carbs.

Since your brain feasts in glucose, your body creates ketones, which replace the fuel coming from carbs in your brain. This is fully effective to treat epilepsy and helps out keeping fat levels low. However, not everyone should follow this diet, and if you decide to try it, make sure to consult this decision with your doctor before making any changes. You can also try and follow a simple low-carb diet with this list.

What’s in this printable Keto diet list?

This diet has a renewed interest nowadays, being implemented by professional athletes, especially those following CrossFit programs. It’s mainly comprised of low carb veggies and fruits, a lot of seeds and nuts, and different low-carb protein sources. Also, it’s a great diet if you have fresh fish available around you because fish is the best healthy fat-filled source of protein. Cheese is another delicious thing you can have plenty of. As you can guess, there are many delicious plates and recipes to try out using this list of ingredients.

Download here the best printable Keto diet list

With our printable Keto diet list, you’ll have access to all the things you can eat while using this diet to drop weight and improve your sports performance. You can download it in two different formats.

Keto diet food list excel

  • PDF perfect to print out and go shopping right away.
  • XLSX customizable option, to eliminate the things you don’t want or can’t eat, like cheeses and shellfish.