multiplication chart from 1 to 20

If you already have our printable multiplication tables from 1 to 20, then check out here a different alternative; the multiplication chart from 1 to 20. With this approach, you’ll get a more interesting chart that allows them to improve their memory. Are you ready to help them? Learn more below.

Printable multiplication chart from 1 to 20

Multiplication is not easy for everyone, still, it’s a very important part of people’s development; and this multiplication chart from 1 to 20 improves exactly that. When we’re kids, we get taught multiplication tables from 1 to 12 almost as a maxim we memorize. Still, there are many tricks that someone can use to basically cheat their learning. This might seem advantageous as we’re kids, but as we grow, we know that math is more learning and less memorization.

With the multiplication tables, it is rather easy to memorize the results of a certain table (not including the easy ones, of course). This will hamper our ability to actually grasp those numbers when we need them in alternate order. That’s exactly what this multiplication chart solves for you and your children.

How does it work?

With this multiplication chart, this trick is almost impossible to pull off, so learning is the only alternative. Why? Because in order to use it and practice with it, your kids will have to crossreference the numbers above and to the left to find where they meet, obtaining the result. This is a much more interesting approach to get.

Also, just like with our multiplication chart from 1 to 100, you can print this chart as a much more palatable version. If you post it wherever they have access to them (in their bedroom door, the bathroom door, or even in the fridge), they will be constantly visualizing it, and this will stay with them subconsciously. Since at least 65% of humans are visual learners, they will be able to grasp this knowledge easily. You must make sure that you print it in a big sheet, so they can see it from a far distance.

multiplication chart 2x2

Finally, you can use random testing with the best blank fillable multiplication chart we’ve created for you. That way you’ll challenge your children and allow them to have fun while practicing and learning their math skills.

Download the best multiplication chart from 1 to 20 here

Here at PrinterFriendly, we love to create useful and free charts for you to download. That’s why this format is available in two different types of files. Download them below to get the best results from your kid’s education:

Multiplication chart from 1 to 20 excel

PDF – one-click print.

XLSX – with this you can change the size of the format and adapt it to your needs.