Printable basic subtraction worksheet simple

Check out here the best printable basic subtraction worksheets in PDF. They are the most effective and easy methods to learn, explain, and test simple, intermediate, and advanced subtraction procedures to kids. They are very useful for kids in kindergarten up to 3rd grade. Teach your kids how to subtract in just a few minutes.

Printable basic subtraction worksheets (PDF)

Subtraction is one of the four basic mathematic procedures that everyone should master. It’s a very simple yet somehow confusing concept for some kids that are just learning how math works. This, along with the rest of the basic procedures, is one of the reasons why kids don’t like math. Still, after teaching them addition with our tables and worksheets, our subtraction worksheets are the best possible progression. 

We’ve prepared two different tools for you to use in conjunction; the subtraction table and a simple, intermediate, and advanced worksheet that will prove useful when testing progress. Following our steps will surely help your children to master subtraction quickly, which is vital to their development. Are you up to the challenge?

Printable basic subtraction worksheet intermediate

How to use our tables and worksheet?

Our subtraction tables are just like our multiplication and addition tables; the only difference being that they use subtraction. After you explain to your kids how subtraction works, it should be easy to teach them how the tables work. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Download and print our subtraction tables. Downloading the addition table we’ve created can help a lot as well.
  • Read it with your kids and help them to study it. Also, ask them the solutions to each subtraction; this will help them memorize the results easily.
  • Finally, use our worksheets from simple to advanced, to test your child’s subtraction skill level. 
  • If he fails, you can also get the worksheet is fully customizable XLSX, so you can modify the numbers. You can also increase the difficulty with it.

After a few days (for some just hours), your kid will know how to subtract any number easily. You will require a little bit of patience, as not every kid has natural math skills. If that’s the case, make sure not to push them too hard, as this is not beneficial at all. If they struggle, take some free time and retake the activity after a day or two.

Download the best printable basic subtraction worksheets here.

Below you’ll find the links to download all of the worksheets and subtraction tables. They are all available in printable PDF, JPG, and XLSX.

Printable basic subtraction worksheet advanced

Simple worksheet: PDFJPGXLSX 

Intermediate worksheet: PDFJPGXLSX

Advanced worksheet: PDFJPGXLSX