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Here at Printerfriendly, we know math is important; which is why we have created the best multiplication tables, multiplication charts, and printable multiplication worksheets you can use to master this basic math procedure. These tools will come in handy when teaching kids from zero, to test them, and to approach their studies of math with a whole different mentality. Are you ready to help them?

Tables, charts, and printable multiplication worksheets

Many people struggle with math when they’re first starting to learn the basics. That’s why “hating” math is rather normal. Still, with the increasing number of tools and improved methods that are available nowadays, we know that there’s a better chance of avoiding this. Whether you’re trying to learn or teach multiplication, those tools are the best to avoid the hassle of learning this procedure, giving you better ways of approaching its use. After all, multiplication is something we use every day of our adult lives, even after we thought we’d never use the knowledge after leaving school.

 If you want to be prepared to use multiplication with ease, to help someone learn it or to pass next week’s school test, these tables will certainly work to achieve it.

What are the tools available?

Multiplication is simple; it’s a way we resume addition easily, whenever it repeats itself constantly. To further explain this idea we can also use written numbers; writing 4×5 is shorter than writing 5+5+5+5. Now, that’s a fairly easy concept to grasp, the slightly hard part is memorizing each result. It’s not impossible though, and the best methods to achieve it are:

  • Multiplication tables: We’ve created several versions of multiplication tables in both PDF and JPG. They are available in two formats; blank multiplication tables and tables from 1 to 20.

Multiplication tables from 1 to 20

  • Multiplication charts: They are a slightly different method that uses cross-referencing the numbers above and to the left side. The result of the multiplication is wherever both lines meet. They are available in five formats; tables from 1 to 121 to 151 to 201 to 30, and 1 to 100.

multiplication chart from 1 to 20


  • Printable multiplication worksheets: They are a set of sheets we’ve created with the purpose of testing the multiplication level of its user. They come in simple, intermediate, and advanced versions. It’s the best way of testing multiplication knowledge after practicing with the tables or charts. Download them here.

math worksheets multiplication worksheets

How to use the multiplication tables, charts, and worksheets?

All of those tools are easy to use and should be used together; this increases immensely their effectiveness. They should be used like this:

  • First, download the basic 1 to 20 multiplication tables or the 1 to 20 multiplication chart.
  • Print the tables or charts is recommended, so you can post various of them in several places where they are visible. 
  • Study the tables for at least 10 minutes every day. Reminding your kids to do this is key.
  • Download and print all the multiplication worksheets. 
  • Use them with your kid in order; from simple to advance. 
  • If they fail to complete it correctly, solve the problems with them until they get it right. 
  • You can also download the multiplication worksheets in XLSX format, so you can easily edit the numbers used in each problem, and provide your kid with a different test each time.

math multiplication solving kids

After a few days of daily practice and testing, your kid should have mastered the multiplication tables and basic procedures with it. All of this with simple, free, but effective tools. You’re welcome.