If you’ve attained level 50 in Rainbow six siege, that means you’re qualified to play the ranked matches. It also means that you’ve learned many things about Rainbow Six Siege and what you expect. But what about this level? How are you going to play it successfully to win more than you lose? 

The ranked game modes are not easy, and being a competitive playlist, you need all the help you can get. But the good thing is that you make more renown when you win the matches, and we all know what money can buy in Rainbow Six Siege. So, your efforts in playing smarter and better won’t be in vain. 

This article will share the important tips and tricks to play the ranked games. But first, we encourage you to grab the proven six siege aimbot to master these levels quickly. So, if you’re ready to win more than you lose, keep reading. 

 Tips and Tricks for ranked games 

  • Visit the training ground before matches. 

Even if you’ve played many R6 game modes and learned many things in the process, don’t overlook the Training Ground. Even renowned physical sports players still practice before every match. So, why can’t you do the same?  

If you can play this mode for 30 minutes before entering the main game, you’ll perform better anytime. This mode will help you to perfect your gun aiming skills, placement of your crosshairs, a better understanding of sound in R6, and map knowledge. You can also practice flips in the Training ground to help improve your game style. You can also warm up a lot in this mode before jumping into the main game. 

  • Play Ranked Mode

The only way you can improve on Ranked mode is to play it. The more times you play it, the better you become at the mode. This is like other things we learn in life. If you do something more often than many others, you’ll be better than them at the same thing. 

But as you’re playing Ranked, take time to analyze your gameplay. We even recommend recording yourself play. Afterward, sit down, watch the game you played and pinpoint the mistakes you made. Also, try to find the best options to correct these mistakes. Also, notice the things you did well and try to improve on them more for better results. Also, as you play the game, you’ll unknowingly be improving your game sense. 

  • Study your opponents’ patterns

If you can understand your opponents’ patterns a bit more, defeating them will be a breeze. Just like other things in life, if you study your competition, you can identify their weaknesses and exploit them fully. 

So, we recommend studying the way the opposing team plays. It might surprise you that they’re playing one pattern and don’t vary anything. With such knowledge, you and your team can prepare to win them in the next round. Even if you have to lose two rounds studying them, it will be rewarding when you start winning. 

  • Play with a great team

Team composition usually affects the performance in many video games. Playing ranked with lousy team members won’t get you anywhere. So, make sure that the operators you have in your team complement one another. For instance, you can use these operators, Thatcher and Thermite, Mira and Bandit, etc. 

Some players emphasized the importance of Thatcher in a team. This operator has an EMP that can eliminate many devices such as Grizmot, Jager, and Gu. So, always make sure that Thatcher is in your team. 

  • Don’t play aggressively when defending.

Playing aggressive simply means that you have the power to win gunfights. But it isn’t necessary since you’re supposedly protecting something which the enemy is trying to grab. So just makes sure you protect your territory very well. 

So, while playing defense, hold down your fort very well. Place some nitro cells on undefended doors and be ready to blow them. Also, try to get anti-breach while defending the objective. You can use Mute and Bandit to cover that area and use Jager to deny flashbangs and nades. 

  • Utilize sound to the fullest

Sound can give the enemies away. But be careful too, they can give you away too. So, try to understand how the sound in R6 works to utilize them. You can even use the night mode to help you increase the volume of your game higher. 

If you can hear every movement, no matter how slight it is, you’re sure to identify the positions of the other team. Thankfully, Windows 10 has a feature known as “Windows Sonic” that can provide all the sound effects in R6. So, use this feature and win more matches. 

Print out the tips and tricks for free

Playing ranked matches is not for the lazy or feeble players. It took you a lot to get here. So, make sure you deliver your best gameplay whenever you enter a match.  So don’t relax when you make it to level 50 and make sure you have your tips and tricks on-hand so you’re excelling. Don’t forget to grab some extra tools to simplify this level better.  Print out the above tips and advice with this PDF cheat sheet