2nd grade reading worksheets

If your kid is struggling with reading, check out our 2nd grade reading worksheets. These are among the best tools you can use at home to help your child master reading and improve his reading comprehension. Are you helping yours?

Free 2nd grade reading worksheets

In school, among the first things kids learn is how to read. By the time they reach second grade, they should know how to read, pronounce, write, and comprehend all kinds of advanced words and sentences. Still, kids nowadays often struggle while reading and interpreting different types of texts. Why? Because reading is usually dismissed by parents (who know how to read) as an easy task, and don’t pay attention to their kids, or help them practice. If your kid doesn’t understand or is struggling with reading, there’s more than one easy way of helping them improve. Are you doing what’s necessary?

We’ve created several 2nd-grade reading worksheets. They are simple, easy to use worksheets that will help them comprehend and write much better sentences. Usually, kids don’t get into reading books as entertainment. But how would they have fun reading something they might not fully understand? This type of exercises and worksheets will also improve their confidence with reading, as well as make them fall in love with the activity as entertainment.

How to use these worksheets?

To use these reading worksheets, you’ll have to simply print them and take some time to practice with them.

Two out of three worksheets are comprised of three short stories, accompanied by questions about them. Kids should be asked to read the stories. If you want to test their reading skills, ask them to read out loud, and pay attention. If you only care about comprehension, let them read however they want, and then ask the questions listed with each story. Each story is focused on different topics and come with different questions.

This can be an interesting exercise to do at home with your children, who will definitely have fun doing it.

2nd grade reading worksheets

The last worksheet is comprised of simple writing exercises, as well as a short composition exercise. That will help them write a short story with given elements, so you can then review their comprehension, creativity, writing skills, and grammar.

Download the best 2nd grade reading worksheets here

Below, you’ll find the three different worksheets to download for free. Make sure to be present with the kids as they solve these worksheets, as you will get to see the results directly, and have fun with them.

2nd grade reading worksheets

Worksheet #1 – Reading comprehension.

Worksheet #2 – Reading comprehension.

Worksheet #3 – Writing exercises and short composition.