Released in March 2022, Turning Red is the latest animated film from Disney’s Pixar studios that follows a 13-year old Chinese-Canadian Meilin Lee as she learns how to deal with the acute emotions we all discover in our teenage years. When the feelings of stress or excitement become too much for Mei, the teen “poofs” into a big fluffy red panda.

Taking place in Toronto’s Chinatown in the early 2000’s, we find Mei Lee struggling to be the daughter that her mother (played by Sandra Oh) expects her to be and acting out on the emotional rollercoaster of emotions she is experiencing. That all becomes even more of a problem when her struggles makes her unexpectedly transform into a big red panda.

The animated feature is 1 hour and 40 minutes long and features a diverse cast of animated characters that help Meilin through her journey of emotions. Some of the more memorable characters include Mei, Red Panda, Priya, Abby, Mr. Gao, Miriam, Robaire, Jin Lee, Aaron Z. des 4* Town, Tante Ping, Devon,  Stacy Frick, Aaron T. des 4* Town, Helen, Wu Lee, Lily and Mr. Kieslowski.

We’ve gotten a jump on providing some free, printable coloring pages of Mei, Red Panda, Priya, and Aaron Z. below:


You can download the above Turning Red-inspired images in PDF format below.

Called a bold landmark in representation, the humorous Turning Red is currently loved by critics — sitting at a strong 94% Rotten Tomatoes score with over 200 reviews. Turning Red is another family-friendly, heartwarming success that adds to Pixar near-flawless track record.