Printer Friendly has been working hard to get you the best games to play in different situations. Especially during COVID-19, it’s important to find ways to spend time and have some fun. We have road trip games, tic tac toe, games for facetime, hangman, tic tac toe, mind puzzles, and more! Here they are all in one post, so you can scroll through and see what you’re most interested in playing.

Each image links to the page with the game, where you can download it as a PDF to print, see other games to download, and read our tips and suggestions on how to play. In some posts, we also have rules for games if you don’t already know how to play. We also give some strategies for games like tic tac toe, where a clear strategy makes all the difference!

Games to play on facetime

Here are some games you can play over video calling with your friends and family! During quarantine it can be hard to be apart from friends and family, but you can still play games on facetime or zoom. We have some printable games here, but there are also classic games like ‘Never Have I Ever’ which don’t require paper. Need even more ideas of what to play? Check out this post.



Games to play with friends and family

These images combine some simple games with some more mind-intensive puzzles. We especially like the geography game because it helps you learn more about the world! Click on each image to see the post, which includes our rules for how to play, and suggestions of other places to look for games. One of our games is dots-and-boxes, and we even have more dot grids for you to use!



Road trip games

Here are some games to print out and bring on a road trip (although any of these games could be used on a road trip!) Our license plate game, scavenger hunt, and bingo are especially good because they can focus kids on the world outside the window instead of their screens inside. Do you need more ideas of games to play on the road? Check out this post.


Tic tac toe

Our next 8 images are tic tac toe boards – print out all of them and you could play for ages! We also suggest laminating the board and using whiteboard markers so you can play on the same board over and over.

Hangman games

Hangman is a fun and easy game to play, and most people already know how to play. We have a bunch of blank templates for you to use! Because it’s a word game, it can help improve vocabulary; we have some suggestions of good hangman words to use. If you’re not a word game person, don’t worry! Hangman can also be used as a fun math game! Don’t believe us? Check out this post.

We’ve enjoyed making these games for you, and hope you enjoy using them! Keep an eye out for more puzzles and games as we continue to create them for you.