In these times of coronavirus, everything seems to be changing hour-by-hour. With New York City being the epicenter of COVID-19 in the United States, it’s shifting the way New Yorkers are socializing (or not), walking, and work in the last week thanks to the city being shut down by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

NYC Releases Coronavirus Sex Guide

Now the coronavirus is impacting the who, what, when, how we have our sex (and what to do before and after). The City of New York just released their “Sex and Coronavirus Disease 2019 guidance” for not just keeping safe from from STIs but from COVID-19.

Since posting it earlier, the city ( has taken the page (and printable fact sheet) down. Luckily we downloaded a copy that you can see, download, print and post on your refrigerator:

Download and print out the NYC coronavirus disease sex guide in PDF here. You can also get it in Microsoft Word document form – we got you.

The guide warns you that in the time of this pandemic that New Yorkers “should stay home and minimize contact with others to reduce the spread of COVID-19” as well as other well-know precautions.

That’s right.  It’s packed full of interesting tidbits if you’re looking to get off. The safest being your hand as “masturbation will not spread COVID-19”. If you get bored of your hands and fingers, consider your roommate you’ve been wanting to bang because the “next safest partner is someone you live with.”

And this is still the COVID-19 era, so wash your hands for 20 seconds… and sex toys!

We’re are definitely having some fun with this, but we’re really impressed with the very necessary guide.