These free downloadable sheets can be printed to give the appearance of dotted grid paper. They are designed to be printed on regular-sized printer paper. There are different variations here, which vary by size of grid and dots given. Some have background lines or dots which enables you to decide whether you want to use the smaller or larger squares. 

Printable dot grid paper with background lines

Dot grid paper is useful for all sorts of projects, especially if you need to draw straight lines and right angles. They appear as guides both vertically and horizontally, and can make it easier to accurately depict things like data  in a bar graph.

printable dot grid paper with background lines

Click here for the above grid in pdf form.

Dot grid with blue and grey dots

blue dot grid paper printable in pdf

Click here for the above grid in PDF form.

Dot grid with background dots

Dot grids are also less obvious than regular line grid paper, so allow for support of the writer/artist without being obtrusive (although if you need regular graph paper, we have that too!).  People who make bullet journals, a popular type of completely  personalized journal, prefer dotted grid paper as well, because it allows side-by-side drawing and writing! 

free dot grid graph paper

Click here for the above grid in PDF form.

Dot grid paper tips:

-If you’d like the dots to appear lighter on the page, you can increase  the transparency of the image. This can easily be done in a word processor, or with other software that allows you to edit images. 

-You can draw diagonal lines as well, and not just at  45-degree angles – use a ruler and test out different angles across the page by drawing straight lines between different dots. 

-Try a different color of paper if you’re using the grid for something creative or fun! The dots will print more clearly on lighter paper.