Simple halloween pumpkin template

Even though we’re more than a few months away from Halloween, you can still begin  practicing your pumpkin carving skills with these amazing printable pumpkin templates we’ve prepared for you. We’ve created three different designs for you to test your skills. Check them out below.

Printable pumpkin templates

Halloween is one of the most famous celebrations of each year, which is why being prepared for it is vital. Buying extra candy, decorating the house, and putting on a spooky costume are some of the best activities you can enjoy with your family. Still, pumpkin carving is a tradition that’s never forgotten by anyone who truly loves this time of the year. If you want to prepare for this year’s Pumpkin Carving Competition, you’ll need as much practice as you can get.

How to use these templates?

Using the templates is not difficult, but it’s not that easy either. Here are the steps:

  1. Pick your favorite design and print it out. Three are available.

Pumpkin Simple halloween template 2

  1. Get a pumpkin that’s big enough to fit the design.
  2. Cut out the “holes” that you have to carve out on the pumpkin.
  3. Attach the template to the pumpkin. You can also add a layer of plastic to the printed sheet or print it in vinyl so you can reutilize it.
  4. And start carving.

After a while and a few attempts, you should be able to carve out completely by hand. Make sure to get proper tools though. You can also check out these heart templates for valentine’s day.

Download the different printable pumpkin templates below

We have three different designs of templates you can check out and download. You can download them in JPG format, so you can edit it using image edition software like Photoshop. This will help you create more unique designs. Also, you can get it in PDF, so you can print it easily with a few clicks.

Printable pumpkin template halloween

When it comes to Halloween, our printable offerings are growing. In addition to the the pumpkin templates above, we also have these pumpkin-carving stencils to make designing pumpkins simpler this spooky holiday, and these fun Halloween word search games.

To download and print out the templates, find your favorite cutouts and click the format you prefer.

  • Simple template in JPG or PDF.
  • Medium template in JPG or PDF.
  • Advanced template in JPG or PDF.
  • You can also get this template of a pumpkin Image or PDF