printable heart template

Whether you want to give a present to a loved one, prepare a romantic surprise or a simple decorative detail, using our printable heart templates you’ll have the right solution. When talking about the ones you love, little hearts start appearing on top of your head; but you can’t print those, can you?

Printable heart templates

With our free printable heart templates, you’ll have access to an easy, simple, yet creative decorative tool for any romantic occasion:

  • To decorate spaces and items.
  • To beautifully wrap presents.
  • To post them somewhere with a romantic poem written inside.
  • Or to make a card to remind someone you can’t live without them.

Even though it may sound a little bit corny; there’s nothing more beautiful than love. But with these simple patterns, you can make it even more beautiful simply and cost-effectively.

How to use these templates?

As with every template, bracket or design you can find here at Printerfriendly, this template is completely free and simple to use. Here’s all you need:

  • Download the template you like the most.
  • Find the right type of paper. This depends on what you’re going to do with it.
  • And start using it as you please. Write inside the hearts, wrap presents, create other designs parting from them, print them in vinyl so you can make patterns easily on shirts, and much more.

Big heart template


Your imagination (and romanticism) is the limit. Are these too big? Check out these small heart templates.

Download the best printable heart templates here

We’ve prepared ghree different templates for you to download. Also, we prepared two different formats for each template; PDF (great to print immediately) and JPG (easier to edit).

Printable heart templates trio

  • Hearts in a row in PNG and PDF.
  • Hearts and ribbon in JPG and PDF.
  • Big simple heart template Image and PDF.