Cursive is a timeless skill. Often, signatures seem more legitimate when written in cursive, so it’s good to practice! In this post we have tips on writing a cursive R and lots of space to practice it.

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How to write a cursive ‘R’

This first worksheet gives examples of the strokes to write a cursive ‘R’. Follow the arrows to learn how to write the letter. We have some traceable ones at the bottom to allow you to practice with guidance.

How to write a cursive R

Free cursive “R” practice sheet (upper and lowercase)

This worksheet gives lots of space to practice writing your cursive ‘R’s – just trace over the letters to give your muscle memory time to settle in to how to form the letter. Feel free to grab another piece of paper to practice writing on your own too!

Upper and lowercase R

Capital “R” worksheet (uppercase) for kids

Sometimes it’s good to practice writing just the uppercase or lowercase version of a letter. This worksheet focuses on just the capital version of the letter ‘R’.

Uppercase cursive R


Lowercase cursive “R” worksheet

This worksheet focuses on the lowercase r. If you want to practice connecting your cursive letters, try connecting the tail of the first ‘r’ to the beginning of the second and continue that way till you hit the end of the line.

Lowercase cursive r

Print and download cursive R worksheets

Do you want to download the worksheets as PDFs? This will make it easy to print them quickly. Click the following links to save them to your computer.

How to write a cursive ‘R’

Free cursive “R” practice sheet (upper and lowercase)

Capital “R” worksheet (uppercase) for kids

Lowercase cursive “R” worksheet¬†

Need any tips on how to teach or learn cursive in fun ways? This article gives fun activities to use while practicing cursive letters. Here is an article with tips on teaching cursive; introducing one letter at a time is a good first step!