This post teaches how to write a cursive G. G is a tricky letter, because its uppercase version doesn’t look similar to its print counterpart. If you are learning or teaching how to write the cursive G, focus on the capital letter.

If you want to learn the letters before ‘G’ in the alphabet, check out our posts on D, E, and F. All of our posts give free, downloadable, easy-to-print worksheets teaching how to form each of the letters!

How to write a cursive ‘G’

Our first worksheet teaches you the strokes to create a cursive ‘G’. It then gives you space to trace the uppercase and lowercase letters a few times to get a feel for how they work.

writing a cursive 'G'



Free cursive “G” practice sheet (upper and lowercase)

Our second worksheet allows you to trace uppercase and lowercase ‘G’s so you can practice and get them into your muscle memory! The more you copy the letters, the easier it will be to write them on your own.

upper and lowercase 'G'

Capital “G” worksheet (uppercase) for kids

This sheet gives you lines to practice writing on, but feel free to use other pieces of paper. You can make the letters as big or as small as you want!

uppercase cursive 'G'

Lowercase cursive “G” worksheet

A cursive lowercase ‘G’ is similar to the print version. It’s still important to practice! We give you space in this worksheet to practice the letter, but you could also write letters that incorporate the letter ‘g’ to work on joining up the letters.

lowercase cursive 'g'

Print and download cursive G worksheets

If you want to download the worksheets as PDF’s, click on the linke below.

How to write a cursive ‘G’

Free cursive “G” practice sheet (upper and lowercase)

Capital “G” worksheet (uppercase) for kids

Lowercase cursive “g” worksheet

The cursive ‘G’ looks very different from its print counterpart. The Palmer method of writing cursive taught this particular way of writing the cursive ‘G’, but there are variations on this method. This website gives many Palmer techniques, which were used for speed when cursive was needed for a quick way to write.