In this post, we have free downloadable worksheets to practice cursive. These range from tracing over dotted lines to forming your own letters with this timeless skill.

Do you need more worksheets to practice your cursive skills? Check out these sheets on ‘A’ and ‘B’.

This post focuses on cursive ‘C’, but if you want to look at other ways of writing the letter, check out this post with different techniques!

1) How to write a cursive ‘C’

Our first image shows you how to write cursive ‘c’s. The arrows demonstrate the different strokes of the letters, and how to form them.

How to write a cursive 'c'

2) Free cursive “C” practice sheet (upper and lowercase)

This worksheet allows you to trace the letters of both the uppercase and lowercase ‘C’. (The great thing about ‘C’ is that the capital and lowercase letters are very similar, just a different size!)

Cursive 'C' worksheet


3) Capital “C” worksheet (uppercase) for kids

Sometimes it’s good to focus on just the uppercase or lowercase versions of a cursive letter. In this worksheet we give you space to practice the skills you worked on in the worksheet above.

Uppercase cursive C

4) Lowercase cursive “C” worksheet

This sheet is focused on the lowercase ‘c’. We give an example of the letter, and then you can practice writing it on each line. This builds up muscle memory for writing the letter.

Lowercase Cursive c

5) Print and download cursive ‘C’ worksheets

If you want to download any of the cursive worksheets you’ve seen above as PDFs, click on corresponding links:

How to write a cursive ‘C’

Free cursive “C” practice sheet (upper and lowercase)

Capital “C” worksheet (uppercase) for kids

Lowercase cursive “C” worksheet

We understand that it can be hard to teach cursive, especially if you’re homeschooling right now. If you need fun ways to keep your students focused on cursive, check out this post from grade school giggles with different activities. Here are some other ways to practice cursive too.

Tired of cursive ‘Cs’? You can rest your eyes by looking at some of our bubble and block letter ‘Cs’ designs.